Listing Price on Fliers & Brochures


What are your opinions on removing price from Fliers and Brochures, so that in case of a price reduction you don't have to re-order (and pay for) replacement materials?

I think in a digital era, people are very aware of a listing's current price and/or how to find it themselves, but want your input since you are the ones in the field.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



  • no price – for all the reasons previously stated, plus it almost cheapens the look.. but most of all; no need to reprint after a price improvement

    todd bousman
  • Agreed with all above… No price on Fliers or Brochures

    Bree LePante
  • Sounds good to me too.

    Evan Little
  • I actually think it’s a great idea not to include price. If someone really wants to know, they will call the agent. Just gives another opportunity for a lead!

    Katie Hughes

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